Hyde Owens Habitation

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3” thick blue-grey riven Caithness slate step

textured slate worktop; random Caithness stone floor with lime pointing

40mm thick blue-grey caithness slate landing and riser

close-up of curved front edge, slim-line hearth2

close-up of dressed edges, 35mm thick dark, riven Caithness slate hearth

dark, riven Caithness slate free-standing square hearth with dressed front edge

dark, riven, 2” thick caithness flag-stone natural shape, with natural external edges

blue-grey riven Caithness slate landing and riser

curved free-standing 35mm thick blue-grey riven Caithness slate hearth

large Caithness flagstones used as threshold to converted mart, courtesy of Brian and Valerie Hutcheson

showing front natural edge of rustic hearth

thin blue-grey Caithness slate used as external cladding; courtesy of Gavin B. Mutch

rusty, random Caithness slate patio with open joints

hand-made cupboard with riven slate top

curved hearth cut to suit your stove, style and position

Caithness slate adapts to creating grand designs too

Caithness slate hearth and floor, sturdy, clean and practical

The textture of this stone is accentuated with a clear oil finish